Zwift app Ant+ on e.g. S8

Add my vote in here. The Android app is an awesome development, but I too would like the Ant+ to be added. The smart trainer control works great, but workouts are out without cadence.

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Ant+ for Android please Zwift. Crack on!

+1 for ANT support please

Wtf…this is disappointing.

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I too would like ANT+ support. I have a Samsung Note 9. It would be nice to be able to pair my Garmin speed/cadence sensor that is ANT+ since the phone has ANT+ capability.

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I also vote for Ant+

Come on Zwift. Be serious and put Ant+ support on the android app – there’s absolutely no excuse for you not having done it. We wait for years for an Android app and then you go and make it completely pointless by not bothering to give Ant+ functionality.

Let me know when you are going to start taking Android users seriously and i may think about coming back to Zwift, but i have now cancelled my membership and won’t be back until you start showing some real sense and respect for those of us who use Android.



Still no Ant+ support for Android devices?!

3 generations of Galaxy Family S and no update Ant+, really disappointed

Wanted to make the leap onto Zwift, glad I didn’t pay for a subscription as no ant+… wtf?!

Hurry up already

Please Zwift, add Ant+ support for Android.

Time to change to Rouvy, as they have ANT+ support!

+1 for Android Master Race.
But seriously, please

Jesus, 2 years and no ant+ for Android AND proper BT for Elite Direto, but they investing in e-sports. Try spending some of that in actual development.

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+1 for ANT+ support on Android :slight_smile:

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I’m still waiting for ANT+ and TreinerRoad gets your money all the time…


+1 waiting for ant+ support for android.

+1 come on zwift! Let’s ant+ on Android.

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I’m an Android User.

I use a Bkool Smart Pro 2 trainer with an Android Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, I can’t use it with Zwift because can’t pair the ‘smart’ part with Bluetooth. Because no ant+ support on Android for the moment …

In Bluetooth everything seems to work apart from the change in hardness related to the ratings, so there is no interest.

I’m ready to change my subscrition on Bkool to one on Zwift when my device will be fully operationnal and supported. But the Bkool apps are working so … so I’m staying there for now.

Waiting about ant+ support and full support of Bkool Smart Pro 2 trainer soon.


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I am on my threadmill reading this post :)) I am holding a Note 8 Wich supports Ant+. All my sensors are Ant+ from Garmin. I was keen trying to test Zwift Run. I guess it will be another day.

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