Wanted feature: ANT+ support

(Alex Van Der Linden) #1

Can you please add support for ANT+?

Please add Ant+ support for those devices that support it
(Zach Boulanger) #2

Yes please

(Wilco Husmans (Team Mnd)) #3

Yes please…
Add ant+ service in the app.
My Galaxy s8 support it

(Martin Kelly) #4

The annoying thing is the zwift website makes it very clear that all hrs including ant+ are compatible, distinct lack of information in the same section about how, internet is full of bogus information. Simplest way to connect or if I need to buy a Bluetooth hr for simplicity. Just say it how it is rather than just saying everything works so everyone signs up. A work out without me is pointless, won’t subscribe without knowing how and not signing up to give me more time to fanny about finding how

(D. Zidar) #5

Please add ant+ . please :smirk:

(Michael Tucker) #6

Plus one

(Moe Dieni) #7

Yes Please.
Quite frustrating to see that the wahoo app finds every single Sensor I have. But the Zwift App does only find the Trainer which is the only BTE device.

Pleaaase Zwift😇

(Christopher Bruno) #8

+1. Galaxy S8+, Ant+ based cadence sensor that cannot be easily swapped over to a BTLE.

(Christopher Wood) #9

I am using a samsung s8 plus. Garmin speed and cadence. Garmin heart rate. I cannot connect any of my sensors and amwondering if I buy a dongle for my phone if that would make zwift run? Just want to make sure that this would work before investing.

(Michael Tucker) #10

No, it won’t work. The Android version doesn’t support ANT+ at all, whether it’s the internal ANT+ support in the phone or an external ANT+ dongle. It’s really disappointing because the forum says Zwift “works well” on a number of devices including Samsung Galaxy S9, Tab S4 etc but without ANT+ support it’s useless to me so I’d say that claim is misleading at best.

(Philippe Gerard) #11

Nice work on the mobile APP. Definitly easier that to connect a PC, a conpanion etc… Could you please support ANT+ (at least the garmin HR monitors…)

Various devices support ANT natively and some other andriod apps like strava do. Typically Samsung S3 Tablet, S7, Note 9, etc… but also others.

Many thanks,

(Lewis Clarke) #12

As above, please can you add support for Ant+, would make this app so much better and more appealing to others, spent ages trying to work this out but now realised it’s not supported.


(Ugur Gökdemir TR) #13

+++ ANT + Asus Zenfone 3

(Thibaut C.) #14

It’s unbelievable that some (free) apps developped by a single man (as Ipbike Ant) works just fine with any Ant+ devices, and on the other side, there is Zwift, 15€/m, with a loooooot of developpers, which can’t just make it work ???
Yes, I have to admit that the last features are great on the Companion 3.0, but for now, I always have to plug my laptop with Ant+ dongle + HDMI cable to TV + Powerplug… whereas I already have a Shield TV which is unusable because the app can’t support Ant+ (native or cable connected).

(Francisco Velarde) #15

yes please!!

(Stephen Jay TRC) #16

Yes I’m with people on here the beta needs to support Ant+ I too have a garmin set up, my trainer uses bluetooth so I’ve some functionality with my Samsung phone but no hr,

(Lp Gauthier) #17

Any ETAs?

(Eoin Casey) #18

Anyone at Zwift HQ reading these forums?
Ant+ is a must have for loads of users. Can you please add it soon or at least let us know when it will be available

(Chris Guella) #19

HUNDREDS of Android phones have ANT+ radios.
See below.
Tens of thousands Zwift users have ANT+ accessories.
You have to invest in developing ANT support. Just because no Apple phones have ANT radios doesn’t mean ANT is not a real thing.

(Justin Cabe) #20

+1 for wanting ANT+ support! My Power2Max cranks won’t function at all with the mobile app thanks to them being ANT+ only…