Wanted feature: ANT+ support

(Fredo Adam) #21

I thought I was unlucky with the setup Ant+ for Android. I would love to use Zwift but it’s depressing to see all the comments. I am not the only one disappointed. I went back to the store where I bought Tacx Neo and the guy said he never had complaints with Zwift connections. This also means I bought the expensive Tacx Ant+ for nothing… :frowning:

(Neil Cleminshaw) #22

Yes Please Ant+ would enable me to use my PM and HRM on my portable Omnium warm-up rollers when I travel as carting my Tacx NeoSmart and Plasma plus Alienware Alpha is not an option!

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

(Ruud Lok) #23

ANT++++++ please please please

(Gerard) #24

Another user requesting ANT+ support. I would pay the zwift subscription if I could get this to work. And as indicated in a previous post there are free apps such as wahoo fitness that do support this function. This seems like a low-hanging fruit opportunity for zwift to bring in some subscription Revenue.

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(Marcin) #25

Another vote for ANT+ connectivity. I have a Note 9, and the only thing keeping me from committing to zwift is that I need to buy a laptop to run it.

I dont understand why this isn’t a top priority…

(mark) #26

HR on android please

(Marcus Kesper) #27

same here… just bought ant+ dongle for my android tablet but Garmin HR still not working

(Grzesiek) #28

+1 for wanting ANT+. Why use so unsporty BT? :wink:

(Dan W ) #29

I used my Powercal heartrate meter while jogging on Zwift on my Samsung Galaxy S9 and when I got back it said my heart rate was 297 and I think I would have died if it really went that high. I think it’s a bug in zwift for Android. Or maybe my phone could have been picking up interference from someone’s microwave oven or something similar to an ant+ signal.

(dan) #30

+1 please

(Fritz) #31

Please add Ant + support on the Android App Beta to make ZWIFT the ultimate smart trainer companion on android devices.

  • Samsung Tab Galaxy S3
  • Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire HR
  • Garmin Ant+ HR monitor (not working)
  • Taxc Flow Smart Trainer

Any legal issues keeping ZWIFT from implementing Ant+?

(A) #32

Please fix the ANT+ connection! The Bluetooth connection is so freaking UNSTABLE!

(Andrew Powell) #33

Why is ANT+ not supported? It’s supported on other apps like Rouvy so it shouldn’t be a problem to do it with Zwift. I use PowerTap P1 pedals and the Bluetooth connection only uses power from one side making the mobile app useless for racing and I can’t use it on my TT bike which has an SRM power meter with only ANT+ connectivity. I’d like to not have to always use my desktop or laptop…

This is an issue that should be taken more seriously, please fix it.

(Phil) #34

+1 for Ant support please. it works with other apps on android.

(Jon) #35

It’s on the roadmap guys.

(Phil) #36

Its on the roadmap but when? Seems like a really simple thing to implement.

(Will) #37

Another one here wanting ANT+ so I can use it with my Garmin footpod and Android phone (which has native support).

I don’t want to fork out for a Stryd and the Milestone pod is rubbish if your speed varies from whatever it is initially calibrated at. Useless for interval training.

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(B. Benware(VA)) #38

Could not connect to Garmin’s vivoactive HR. To get heart rate data.

(Andy) #39

Come on guys. Surely ANT+ support isn’t that hard to do. Must be a priority.

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(.) #40

Any news on ANT+ support?
I would love to connect my Garmin footpod to my phone and use it for running. I don’t have a treadmill and bringing my laptop to the gym it’s so not convenient and practical.