ANT+ Android?

Just wondering if ANT+ is planned to be implemented soon for the full Zwift  android app?


I 'd like to avoid buying an ANT+ BTLE bridge if possible.





Edit: ANT +  is not yet supported on Samsung devices.

Also, keep up with Known Issues by visiting this link:

Ok, thanks.

I tried both my garmin and suunto ANT+ sticks with a USBOTG cable on a HTC 10 and 11 phone (ANT+ radio service installed). Perhaps Zwift only allows ANT+ to work on native ANT+ phones.


This method works fine with my other ANT+ phone apps.

So there are issues with pairing in general, but it seems most devices aren’t working with ANT + right now on Zwift.  I’ll keep you updated as we learn more! 

Fastest Android phone around the OnePlus 6 does not connect to ANT+ HRM while multiple other apps show my HR.
Please Zwift !

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Ant+ is standard hardware on nearly all Samsung phones. Zwift android doesn’t even look for ant+ devices on the “add sensors” page. My Tacx flux and Garmin hrm are both ant+ (ble is less reliable too on the flux).
Please add ant+ support to the android app.

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ANT+ dongle on android should be supported too.