I have a Samsung Tablet with Ant+, can i connect an Ant+ HR to Zwift Android?

I tested and my Samsung tablet is able to connect to and get data from my Garmin Forerunner 935 over Ant+.

But I can’t seem to get Zwift to see it. Does Zwift listen to Ant+?

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EDIT: Just to clarify, the Beta varies with what devices can connect to it successfully (both ANT + and BLE). We’re testing internally and also gathering feedback from everyone who plays the Beta and writes in. Thank you again for your continued support as we develop Zwift for Android! 


Unfortunately, as of right now ANT + is not officially supported by the Zwift Android Beta. We don’t have an exact ETA but of course we want to implement this as soon as possible! Stay tuned to our “Known Issues” post and our What’s New section to stay on top of any updates. :) 

It will be interesting since I have just download the Android version on OnePlus 6 that has built-in ANT+.

As a matter of fact, the ANT+ is working fine with TrainerRoad on the same device.

Looking forward to the future development on this feature

Yeah you can definitely try using ANT + and it _may _work but there really is no guarantee right now. We’ve just released a new update for the Beta so if there are any drastic changes feel free to let us know! 

Vincent, how would it work if the dev team didn’t code the app to listen to ant+?

It’s a work in progress, so although some (or even most) ANT + devices could work with the Beta, we’re still testing internally and also receiving feedback from those trying out Zwift. So not all ANT + are incompatible, not all are fully compatible. For the full Zwift experience you would definitely want to use your PC/Mac, iOS device or Apple TV. Android is still in limited Beta. We are extremely appreciative of everyone who tries the Beta out! 

Are you sure Ant+ is in the beta? The changelog doesn’t list it.

I updated but Ant+ did not work. It didn’t find my HR watch.

Right now there’s some variance in which equipment seems to work and which don’t seem to connect as smoothly. We’re currently testing and revamping the beta to make more and more peripherals compatible. :slight_smile:

I’m curious, is ANT+ hard to implement? The companion app on Android supports ANT+, why not use the same code?

Is there a roadmap anywhere so that we can get an indication of when it’s likely to be planned? Not looking for a commitment, just a rough estimate

We’re still working on BLE reliability, ANT + compatibility is undetermined at this time unfortunately. We’d love to have it, but the Beta still needs work.

Any update on this?