New zwift app wont find any of my devices

(Nathan Melvin) #1

Hi there,

I dwnld the app for android on my samsung s7. App loads and works great but will not find any of ny garmin sensors.

I have a garmin speed , cadence sensor and use vivosmart hr in broascast mode for the hr.

The rouvy app sees thwm all as well as strava and wahoo fitness .

Would like to use this if tou can get this working.

(Paul Allen) #2

ANT+ is not fully supported on mobile devices, you would need something like CABLE to bridge the signal or sensors that broadcast in BLE (or duel band would be better).

(Nathan Melvin) #3

My s7 supports Ant+.
Im able to use all the sensors with stava , rouvi and wahoo fitness with no problems.

Does zwift see Ant+?

Thank you for the quick follow up.

(Paul Allen) #4

Zwift on Android does not support ANT+ only BLE, it does not matter if the phone is capable of handling ANT+. Maybe later BETA releases or after beta then it could be supported.

(Nathan Melvin) #5

Ok thank you this is what i suspected but wanted to confirm.

The CABLE converts the ant+ to bluetooth.

Any recommendations?

(Paul Allen) #6

Here is a link for you: