Ant + support

(Edward Dillon) #1

I know its doesn’t work yet (but it does on trainer road:) if I plug in a ant+ dongle directly into the samsung tab4 would that work ??
bluetooth is a pain in the ass in my gym Zwift seems to take ages to load bluetooth devices if the gym is crowded if its empty i get connected quick and sometimes i see a lag in the bluetooth like the data is getting slowed down somewhere along the connection ?
I had the same issues with the wattbike app and trainer road with bluetooth but never had any issues with ANT+ on trainer road it used to work flawlessly.


(Vincent W.) #2

Unfortunately ANT + isn’t officially supported yet (hopefully one day post Beta) so you could try, but chances are you won’t get positive results.

(Jonas Bakkane(Egencia)) #3

Please get ANT+ supported, I also find it works better than bluetooth. Also, my hrm is ant+ only :frowning:

(Tarun Shome (Pack)) #4

I only have Ant+ on my Smart trainer so that rules out the Android Beta for now :frowning:

Will have to limit Android to running on Zwift with a Bluetooth footpod.

As a Beta - Ant+ support would give much more exposure to the app for performance testing as there are a lot of Ant+ only devices out there.

(Filip Ekberg) #5

I’m curious, is ANT+ hard to implement? The companion app on Android supports ANT+, why not use the same code?

Is there a roadmap anywhere so that we can get an indication of when it’s likely to be planned? Not looking for a commitment, just a rough estimate :slight_smile:

(Simon Hales) #6

My Smart trainer is Ant+ only also. It has Bluetooth connectivity but isn’t Bluetooth smart. Therefore as with the iPad version the power reading aren’t correct.
Back to Traineroad it is…

(Paul Allen) #7

You could use CABLE to bridge the ANT+ signal

(Edward Dillon) #8

I see the 4iiii heart monitor is supposed to redirect the ant+ and broadcast it as bluetooth ?

(Paul Allen) #9

It does and from what i have heard it works great.

(Edward Dillon) #10

this is an android problem as far as I know the cable only works with apple/iOS

(Paul Allen) #11

You’re right, thanks for correcting me. Than the 4iiii HRM would be a very good option to bridge the signal.

(Laurent T) #12


Please answer to us vincent :slight_smile: