Connection through ant + on android mobile app

(Marcin Król) #1

Hello All ,
I’ve got zwiff android app on the phone which have ant + protocol. Is zwift for android allowing to connect with trainer or hr monitor trough ant + or only trough bluetooth ?

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

You an only bridge BLE at the moment, if you need to do ANT+ you would need a 4iiii HRM to bridge it.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #3

The NPE Cable is another option to bridge ant+ to ble.

(Marcin Król) #4

I’ve got trainer connected bia bluetooth to my phone. It that phone I have got build in ant+ so that ant+ HR cann connect ro my phone ( worki g with strava). The problem is that when I launch zwift mobile, trainer is connected by bluetooth but HR monitor is not connected to zwift app. WhT I understood tjere is no option to connect ant plus hr to mobile zwift even I’ve got pone with ant + connection ? (Zwiftbapp is not alowing for that )?

(Aaron Zwanzig) #5

Zwift Companion app will work only with ble even if your phone has an ant+ receiver built in. If your heart rate monitor is ant+ only then you’re out of luck without an ant+ bridge or a pc with an ant+ dongle.