Connect HR via PC/ANT+dongle and still use ZC to connect trainer?

Hi, I just got an ANT+ dongle to connect my existing Garmin HR monitor (ANT only) but I’m having to use ZC to pair my trainer via BLE because the PC won’t pair with it consistently. (Phone is a Moto G7 Plus with Android 10.) PC game recognizes ANT dongle and gets data, ANT Tester app says it’s working on phone via new OTG cable, Zwift on phone pairs to it but does not get data (I was wearing the HR monitor but was not actually Zwifting, just trying to get it set up).
Trainer is a Kurt Kinetic with old black inRide module (BLE only).
So the question is: Can I pair the HR monitor via ANT on the PC but pair the trainer via ZC/BLE on the phone? The game makes you pick one or the other.

Edit: When actually Zwifting, I was able to pair Bluetooth via the ZC app and ANT via the PC. Still would like to know why it wasn’t working with the USB to USB C adapter (OTG) on the phone, will try again