Anyone have ANT+ and BLE connections running together?

(Scott Ivell [VBCC]) #1

As the title says, i have my smart trainer connect via ANT+, but by HRM is not being picked up via BLE.

If i run just BLE, it’s picked up ok…

(Jim Skelton) #2

I connect my heart rate and speed/cadence sensor via ANT+ (zPower) and tried connecting a BLE headset and the game went crazy, with lots of nameless riders blowing by, then no riders anywhere. I finally disabled the BLE headset and it worked fine. I’m wondering whether Zwift has difficulty running both ANT+ and BLE together.

(Joshua Downing) #3

i know i run BLE panobike speed and cadence off my iPhone to the macbook via wifi. i can not get my BLE heart rate connect at all. i had it connected once and that was it. 

do you use the method for connecting the BLE. when you get into game and the sync screen pops up push escape key. then hit ride on game and smart phone app. then type P and blebeta and enter. then hit A and sync up the BLE device. that is the theory and it works for my speed and cadence but not HRM. i do run a BLE headset to my iPhone when riding. either listening to music or talking to my friend that is riding in the game.

(Scott Ivell [VBCC]) #4

ok - got this working.

ANT on trainer, BLE on speed sensor :slight_smile: