Odd interaction between Bluetooth and ANT+

Background: previously Zwifted on an old Mac that lacked BLE support so used an ANT+ dongle which let me use an old ANT+ only chest HR sensor.
I’ve now updated to a new Windows PC with BLE. I plugged in the ANT+ dongle to use my old HR sensor. In the pairing screen, with Zwift searching both BLE and ANT+ channels, all seemed ok at first but the cadence signal kept dropping in and out whilst the power and control signals (on a Tacx Neo pro 2T) were fine. Looking at the pairing screen again, I saw that the power and control connected to the PC via BLE whilst the cadence was connected via ANT+. Once I unplugged the ANT+ dongle, the trainer connected perfectly via BLE to the PC, but of course, I couldn’t use my old HR sensor.
So, is this a known issue? Does it matter if the trainer connects via BLE and ANT+ at the same time or should it only connect using one or the other? I think its possible in the pairing screen to choose which protocol to use with which sensor so its not a terminal problem but I’m just curious to know if this is expected behaviour or just a one off?
Thanks for any help.

Just turn BT off on the laptop if you want to use Ant+.

Mine got confused with BT on as well as the Ant dongle.