Tacx neo 2 smart + ant garmin HRM

(Mehdi) #1

Hello Zwift users,

I have the Tacx neo 2 smart connected to zwift via bluetooth. zwift is working fine.

when I connect on top of this a garmin HRM via ant, my avatar is not moving.

It seems that when my garmin HRM is connected via ANT, my neo 2 smart stops to send data via bluetooth.
any idea ?

thank you for your help.

(Kirsten) #2

I would stick to one protocol, so either ANT+ or Bluetooth.
Why not pair the Neo 2 using ANT+ also if you do not have a BT HRM?

(Mehdi) #3

thank you for your answer.
Yes I can test to disable bluetooth on my mac and see if Neo 2 connects automatically in ANT+

Do you know if one of the 2 protocols (Bluetooth or ANT+) is better than the other one for the Neo 2?


(Kirsten) #4

Most prefer ANT+, though I cannot say I’ve had issues using BT with my Neo as I run Zwift either on AppleTV or iPad these days.

But as I said, I would advise to use either on or the other. Disable Bluetooth and in the pairing screen search for your Neo as a controllable power source, and it should show up as an ANT+ device.

After that, it should pair using ANT+ automatically, I would think.