New user - help with connections

Hi all,

New zwift user here and typically my first post is a tech question. If I have my Tacx Neo2 connected to PC with a USB Ant+ antenna, how do I connect a Heart Rate Monitor? i.e. can it also connect via the same Ant+ antenna or would I need to go Blue Tooth via ZCA?

I haven’t bought a HRM yet so open to suggestions for the easiest connection.

Cheers, Jon

It would depend on the HRM, but if it is ANT+ you can use the same dongle for both the HRM and the trainers.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the quick response, that’s good news. I’d seen advice from you on other posts re: bridging a BT HRM via ZCA.

I think I’ll just get an ANT+ for simplicity then :slight_smile:

Or a duel band like a Wahoo Tickr.

Would that communicate over both protocols at the same time? I guess that would be handy if ZCA has a HRM readout, does it?

No, you would select which protocol in the pairing screen. The ZCA would will have the HR readout regardless of how you connect the HRM.

Great, thanks. I don’t have any other use for the HRM other than the trainer so just ANT+ should be OK by the sounds of it.

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