Android and Bluetooth

Hi all, I just started with Zwift a few weeks ago. Enjoying it very much but I’ve been having issues establishing my bluetooth connections. This can be frustrating and I’be missed a few rides as I was not able to get it working properly in time. 

My setup is this:

  • Tacx Neo

  • Samsung S7 (running the mobile app)

  • Windows 10 laptop


I understand that only the phone needs to be paired to the Neo. I’ve left the bluetooth on the laptop off (as both the phone and the laptop are on the same wifi network). 

However, the only way I can make this work is if before starting a new ride, I reset (meaning turn off-turn on) my phone. 

If I do a ride / workout, then a few minutes / hours later try to do anther one, the Neo wont pair, no matter what I do (turn BT on/off, pair / unpair the phone, nothing works). I need to reset my phone in order to get it working again. 

Its a usable workaround, but very frustrating. 

Does anyone know why this might be? Both Neo and Phone are on their latest firmware/versions



Simple fix would be to get an Ant+ dongle and a USB extension cable.

Make sure you do not have the trainer paired to the phone in bluetooth, it should only pair within the ZML no where else. Remember, Bluetooth can only connect to one app/device at a time.

Thanks Paul. I have an ANT+ usb connector which I use for the HR monitor. Zwift detects this  immediately every single time. Unfortunately the connection is kinda flaky. I can risk loosing HR data, but I dont want to risk loosing trainer / watts  input to Zwift, hence want to use BT for it… Will try to get a longer USB cable… 

If you decide you want to do troubleshooting around your Bluetooth connection, start with the instructions for pairing Bluetooth to make sure you’re not pairing directly with your phone and going through the pairing process in the recommended order.

If you’re still having problems after that, we can work with your directly via email ticket

Ta, that did the trick. I was pairing the trainer to the phone first. Works like a charm now. Thanks