No bluetooth connection active

For some reason Zwift says my Bluetooth is not active, yet it is on my PC as its connected to other devices and it sees my Neo2. I can run via Bluetooth on other cycling apps, but not Zwift. The icon is switched off and the squirrel keeps telling my its not connected?

Even tried anther lap top but same problem. (I am using windows 365)

Any ideas of what I can do to resolve this problem, thanks

Hi @alastair_semple welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m looking at some of your recent session logs on our server. I see some cases where you have a Wahoo trainer paired to the game, and others where there’s a Tacx paired.

I also see an ANT+ dongle being used sometimes, and others when they’re paired via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Is this a case where you have multiple training stations in the same room?

There’s an important difference between Bluetooth connections and ANT+ connections. ANT+ creates one-to-many connections. BLE creates a one-to-one connection, meaning if your trainer is connected via BLE to the Garmin Connect app on your mobile phone, or to your computer head on the handlebars, that signal is not available to the Zwift app. Please make sure that your Tacx’s BLE signal is not auto-pairing to something else.

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This. I had this issue with my Polar H7 HRM, it kept auto paring to my phone so Zwift would not pick it up, as soon as i “forget this device” on my phone, tadda! H7 showed up fine in Zwift and did not give me any issues.

On any device you are going to use Zwift on, do not pair the device to the OS of the device, let Zwift control it and pick it up, otherwise as Shuji said, you will not see it in Zwift.

Thanks Mathew I will try that tomorrow before I train again, cheers

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Thanks Shuji, yes I have multiple trainers and have been trying to find the best connection. I will try getting the PC and my phone to forget the bluetooth connections to the Tacx and see if that then allows Zwift to see it. IF it does pick it up, would it them be possible to use a Element Bolt computer to record the intervals? or would this then effect the BLE connection to Zwift again?

Well after a bit of messing around trying various things i discovered the only way i could get the Bluetooth to work was by switching on zwift companion app, this activated the Bluetooth once i had changed the setting (top right of screen) on my pc to control via the ZC rather than Built in Bluetooth. Strange zwift app works fine via my android phone but not via the pc without the phone apps being activated.