No Signal on Bluetooth Connection

I’m new to Zwift, but was using my laptop to run the program and connecting to my Tacx Vortex trainer. I was originally using a dongle and connecting via ANT+, but I was seeing the signal getting dropped too often in rides, and tried to connect via Bluetooth. My first ride or two on Bluetooth were amazing, everything worked great. Then i started seeing issues showing that my power and cadence were connected but then no signal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I’m pulling my hair out at this point in frustration.

thank you


This error/issue has lots of posts on it. Eg
“No Signal” in the pairing screen?

Some people find a fix by just turning everything off and on again. There are might be some solutions if you look but here are some suggestions: Like the post above says disconnect trainer from the wahoo app. You may have already tried all that. I’d suggest you do the following (found on another post)

  1. Look in your Documents \ Zwift folder. In there is a file called knowndevices.xml. This is the file that stores what trainers and sensors you have paired with on that machine. It’s a plain text file you can open it in Notepad to see what’s in it.
  2. Go ahead and rename that file knowndevices_original.xml rather than delete it.
  3. Start up Zwift - when you do, you’re starting from a clean slate and you’ll have to pair up to your trainers and sensors from scratch.
  4. When you save and exit the game, it will create a new knowndevices.xml file and that will cause it to remember your freshly-paired sensors.

Thanks Ben, makes a lot more sense to me than what I’ve been doing! I’ll give it a shot in the morning.
have a good evening