“No Signal” in the pairing screen

I trying to pair my Kurt Kinetic Control Trainer to Zwift through the Android Zwift Companion app, I have received result in “No Signal” in the pairing screen. It was occurred after the last Zwift updates because was working fine a lot of time, any updates about it?

I just got the download tonight on my AppleTV, and now Zwift is giving me the same “no signal” error you are seeing for my wahoo kicker.

So no working out tonight, I guess

Same issue. I calibrate my Kinetic using the Kinetic app (So I know the trainer is communicating via bluetooth power, cadence, etc) but when I disconnect the bluetooth connection from the trainer to the phone and reconnect to Zwift with the mobile app, is initially connects as usual, but once it connects, it shows no signal and multiple searches or entering the map show zero power and “no signal” continues. I tried multiple times. Everything was working fine until the most recent update on approx 5/16.

Same issue this morning. Works great with other apps and initally connects on Zwift. Goes to “No Signal” right away. Worked great last week. Very frustrating.

Has anyone had any luck with getting a signal? I’m still not able to connect my kinetic with Zwift but my trainer works fine in the kinetic app


What OS are you using? Bluetooth or Ant+ ? Are you sure the trainer is not connected to anything else.

I’m using bluetooth…yup I’m sure, I have been using daily with no problems since December but with this past update I keep getting no signal

This is broken again, and has been for a few weeks now it appears. Any updates from the Zwift team? It looks and acts exactly like the issue they fixed last fall/winter.

Yeah I found a work around that someone had figured out the last time this happened. I’ll try it today and let you know if it works for me

So the work around worked for me. Enter Zwift like you normally do (companion app on, trainer on, pair the trainer with Zwift) when the no signal comes up start a ride anyway. Once in the ride shut down the companion app and then reopen it. It will take a minute to recognize things but then you should be abe to ride with no issues. Sucks that’s what I need to do but I’d rather do that than not be able to use something I’m paying for every month.

Update as of 6/13 - this seems to be fixed. I logged in and rode without having to try any workarounds at all. Thanks all!

Hi all, haven’t used my trainer for a while but time to get back on!! I’m connecting from Bluetooth direct to trainer and getting no signal … any suggestions?

Hi Lisa.

what system do you use to run Zwift and what trainer. did you check your battery?

Hi, yes fresh battery and using Windows app, my trainer is a Kinetic … have tried everything! I think?

it connects … but no signal

I assume you use a speed sensor on your bike?

I would suggest unpairing everything. Then start pedaling to make sure the sensor is awake then start the pairing process. also check that your magnet on the wheel did not move so that it not close to the sensor anymore.

just tried and it connects to power source and cadence but still no signal

were you able to do a spindown test with the inride app?
Do a spindown in the inRide app. The calibration data will be stored in the sensor.

not able to calibrate at the moment which might be why I’m having issues. just working through the inride help ! getting there …

Hey guys, is there a fix for this.? I have a watt bike and am running windows 10. I get connected but no signal. Can anyone help.?
Thanks, Martin