“No Signal” in the pairing screen

(Greivin) #1

I trying to pair my Kurt Kinetic Control Trainer to Zwift through the Android Zwift Companion app, I have received result in “No Signal” in the pairing screen. It was occurred after the last Zwift updates because was working fine a lot of time, any updates about it?

(Rich) #2

I just got the download tonight on my AppleTV, and now Zwift is giving me the same “no signal” error you are seeing for my wahoo kicker.

So no working out tonight, I guess

(Andrew) #3

Same issue. I calibrate my Kinetic using the Kinetic app (So I know the trainer is communicating via bluetooth power, cadence, etc) but when I disconnect the bluetooth connection from the trainer to the phone and reconnect to Zwift with the mobile app, is initially connects as usual, but once it connects, it shows no signal and multiple searches or entering the map show zero power and “no signal” continues. I tried multiple times. Everything was working fine until the most recent update on approx 5/16.

(Michael) #4

Same issue this morning. Works great with other apps and initally connects on Zwift. Goes to “No Signal” right away. Worked great last week. Very frustrating.