No Signal

I got the “no signal” today! I am using Windows 10 and a Rock&Roll smart trainer. It pairs, but no signal and definitely no erg mode/controllable mode recognition.

Can you connect with another app like Roouvy or BKool or whatever you use to calibrate your trainer?
In either case I would reboot/reset and close everything down, open only the PC running windows 10 and make sure your trainer’s software is up to date. Try to narrow this down to trainer or PC or Zwift program.

I recal’d with the Kinetic app. I did about 5 cold starts…

So, I’m a little confused by your last statement. Are you saying that everything works fine with the Kinetic app running on your PC windows 10? It displays power and speed and controls your trainer?

Can you run the Zwift app on your phone to see if your trainer pairs correctly there?

It pairs with the Kinetic app on the phone. I don’t have Zwift on my phone. Zwift on PC does pair and see my Wahoo Tckr. I need to clean out the old phone to run Zwift