Just no signal today

Any help here. Was signed up for an event and got dropped a few seconds into trying to start working toward the Rapha 500. Signal just keeps dropping every few seconds. Can’t ride at all.


It would help tremendously if you would provide information about your setup.

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What info can I provide?

Wahoo trainer. I have the ant cable from my pc to about four inches way from the trainer. Have the app open on my phone.

Same setup all of the time. Sometimes I can ride for two hours without issue. Sometimes I can’t even start the event, like today.

You’ve mentioned you’ve a PC but also a phone. Are you running the companion app on the phone and not Zwift.

I have zwift running on my pc. That is the screen I watch, but I also run the companion app on my phone so that I can see the map and other numbers on my phone screen.


Offer us details of your PC and network specification

Also details of what actually happened.

Did the app crash and lock up?
Did it terminate?
Any messages?

As much detail as you can should help us diagnose the issue.

Zwiftalizer.com is your friend. If you have chronic dropouts it is most likely a localized issue. Fans, microwaves, other devices can all interfere with the signal.

Just repeated lost connections or no connecting at all today.

PC is my gaming pc. No issues with it in that capacity. PC is hardlined, not running wireless. No errors, just can’t keep a connection.

Never heard of zwiftalizer. Clicked on it, but not sure what to do from there.

Ping says 81.

Some days I get a message that something is interfering and do I want to turn that off.


We can help but you need to give us more details of your setup and exactly what is happening.