Signal drop out

Is any one else having signal drop out problems.
Set up has been ok for quite a while but recently im having numerous signal drop outs and its driving me crazy as when this happens its pretty game over if you’re racing.
Nothing has changed with my setup ,my pc still has signal phone still has signal sonos still receives signal .
Is there any tests zwift can do to determine where and how this problem has come about .
Many thanks

If on a PC/MAC, throw your log onto Zwiftalizer for a ride that you experience signal drops. Signal drops (not good) and resends (not too bad but should be low) throughout a ride can give you a sense whether you are operating in a wirelessly clean or dirty environment.

Post up a link to the results here if you need folks to interpret anything for you.

By the way, it can be anything that causes the problem, such as your Sonos, fridge, fan, tv, phone’s bt, wifi channel, neighbours stuff that pushes out emf, etc. In a “noisey” environment, it will take one minor change to break things.

Oh, and Zwift support boys will tell you to work through this.

Thanks for your reply unfortunately that doesn’t really mean a lot to me im sure its not that complicated but when your not that computer savvy its all a bit foreign is a community provided site that allows you to drop your log file that will give you some analysis of how your system is performing. You can find your log file by following these instructions here.

Go to, register and drop your log file file (drag from explorer). It will do some analysis and produce a bunch of graphs.
When it does, click the Share button (see below) and post the link here, and we’ll help decipher.

when you say dropouts are you finding that you end up on your own due to an internet dropout or are you seeing connection failures from hrm/power?

Its connection dropout…sometimes hrm ( and ive changed the battery) my avatar stops pedalling the group race away but signal kicks back in …very sporadic sometimes instantly but othertimes its seconds and the race is gone .
Happened 4 times yesterday once whilst racing so i abandoned then i joined pace partners and it did it .can still see other riders around me .
Pretty sure it comes up connection failure

perhaps it’s something to do with your trainer? Some trainers do need to be recalibrated from time to time.

And what does recalibration entail ?
Is it just a programme i run from the wahoo kickr screen?

it will be some sort of signal interference or issue, do you use ant+ or bluetooth ?

I don’t have a wahoo trainer, but for my trainers it is an app that I got from the company and then opened when close to the trainer (which may have to be turned on or activated). First check your manual or go to the wahoo website and see if your model requires recalibration.

this isn’t a calibration issue though, the calibration should only be needed to keep the trainer accurate for power reading not with regards to connections dropping

I use ant+… but how can it be ok for ages then have connection failures when nothing has changed ??

When someone uses the microwave in my house I lose ANT+ connection, if I change the speed of my fan during a session I lose ANT+ connection… it could be any number of similar issues interfering with your signal that you have little control over.


I’ll probably go back to using my phone and mirror casting onto my tv pretty sure signal is ok when using this way .
Appreciate all the replies