Losing the Power signal

Hi everyone,
I’ve been struggling during the last days with the lost of the power signal while I’m riding.
I’ve a elite Aleno smart trainer, cadence and speed sensors of Garmin edge 520plus.
And I’ve installed the zwitf app on my phone… I’ve used it before, without any problems, on the last 3 days I can barely start a training session…
I’m use to train around 18.00, and today I tried on lunch break, but same problem…

Can anyone help me on guessing which could be the problem?! And how to solve the situation?!
Thank you very much

Hello! I have a similar problem. So far, I have been using Zwift perfectly, without any problem. I usually use it on my Macbook Pro, with ANT + Dongle and Powertap powermeter, on a conventional roller. For a few days, there are many cuts in the workout, suddenly I am pedaling and both the cadence and the power drop to zero (as if I lost the signal). I’ve tried using the dongle on multiple ports, and the same thing happens. I have also tried using the dongle on a data receiver like Golden Cheetah and no failure occurs. Is something similar happening to someone else? Thank you!

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Yes same problem, losing the Power signal several time in last races and normal rides, more than 15 days ago, I changed my pc for another one, and it keeps, reinstalled zwift and it keeps, etc… it’s very frustrating.

Today I was on a Race and I was standing there 4Km from the end! :disappointed_relieved:

Please Zwift solve the problem, I can send the data for analysis.

Same, I got the update last night and tried to ride today, same issues the I’m reading here. I did a firmware update for my Tacx vortex and just tried a test ride, the same dropouts 2 minutes in, super frustrating. I don’t know what to try next.

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I talked to several teammates and everyone has had this problem, it seems to be affecting many riders.

Print of today’s Flat race, without descents, always printing waths.

And again … frustrating !! Another failed race!

Please Zwift solve the problem!

Same here, had very good signal previously but recently lots of dropouts. Assioma duos been superb before, running ant dongle on usb extention cable. Got quite bad so switched to bluetooth via companion app.
Strange thing on the companion app about twice every 15 min period the signal would drop. Coinciding with the companion app screen going from game screen to home screen and back to game screen when it would re pair sensors.

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I’ve done several tests,

New PC, pc with two network connections, changed Ant + pen, reinstalled Zwift, used two internet connections 1 Giga fiber, and 4G. Always happen.

In Races I’m always dropped, but I tested it on a normal ride ride and the same thing happens, lose the link for a while.

I didn’t change anything, in relation to half a year, it only started to happen 15 to 20 days ago. My friends are having the same problem.

In the graph in the image of yesterday’s race it is clear that it has failed.

rode yesterday with no dropouts. I updated my operating system on my Mac and reset my Bluetooth module beforehand. good luck all!

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Yesterday I tested the Ant + connection only for the garmin FC band, and Smart Trainer disconnected from Ant + and paired it with bluetooth, I didn’t have any power drops. Today I will test again with the same configuration.

Checkout Zwiftalizer.com for system analysis.

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Tanks Gerrie, when analyzing the log file, you can see the number of failures, in other logs it is identical.

Except yesterday when I used Bluetooth.

The only thing I haven’t done yet, was WiFi router 2.4 GHz, switching to channels 1 to 5, I already changed it was in (11) soon I’ll be testing again.

There is android apps that can show you what channels is used on your wifi and if you get interference from your neighbors.

one such app is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.farproc.wifi.analyzer&hl=en_US



Thanks again Gerrie,

I am a professional in IT Networks, I know the processes well, I had already done the analysis with inSSIDer, a good tool too.

As I said the only thing that I had not checked previously was the channel used by Wifi. I already changed to test from 11 to 5.

However, I used this configuration for many months, or even years if I had the previous smart trainer, and I never had any problems.

I will test again soon at home.


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Good afternoon,

I didn’t change anything, it was resolved after the last updates I have not had any problems. He stopped losing his connection, he’s been stable.