mitigate signal dropouts (Ant+ or BT)

(i SteveMQ [Kura-1%PM]) #1

So, many of us are still experiencing random signal dropouts (Ant+ or BT), even if we’ve already done the usual things to prevent this: getting a USB extension cord, firmware updates for trainers, etc.  In most cases, for me and people I know, the momentary signal loss is only around 5-10 secs, then it comes back up again.

So instead of having the frustration of coming to a complete stop, how about these suggestions:

1.) if Zwift detects that there is a signal dropout, instead of going completely zero on the power reading… the game will drop to half the last power reading before the signal dropped (ex. 300watts at dropout, go to 150watts) for 20 seconds or till reading is restored.

2.) cap this temporary power to 200 watts

3.) the lightning icon to the power input next to the name will change to something else or go from a blue square to an red-ish square

open to other suggestions. but please do something about it. Thanks!

(john white) #2

When i lose my inride measurement (Bluetooth\zwift mobile link\wi-fi problem) I usually end up switching to my  ANT+ speed sensor if the problem continues for longer than 30 seconds, would be nice if it could do this seamlessly (and maybe switch back again if a connection is remade)

(Anders Wallin) #3

weird stuff, I seemed to loose power from Neo over Ant+ twice on the same small uphill on the London classique course today??

Why are the ANT+ dropouts always occuring at slow speed on uphills?

(john white) #4

I have changed my mobile link device from my phone OnePlusThree to my old nexus 7 2012 tablet running CM12.1 (enables BLE) seems fine except for a couple of micro dropouts (about a second long), no 30 second ones yet.But have run for 2 hours before hitting problems with my phone. 

Problem is always more noticeable going up hill as you grind to a halt rather quickly, while downhill or on the flat it doesn’t effect your speed to such an extent.

(G. Macedo) #5

I started having problems -or noticed them- after switching from my desktop to my laptop.

The first time that I noticed it was when my powertap dropped then my heart rate monitor for a few seconds.

While reviewing the logs I noticed that my computer clock is drifting a lot and the default re-sync was too long; 7 days.   I’ve changed it to update every 6 hours and I haven’t had any issues.  Today I changed the sync schedule to hourly and updated the clock before I started Zwift.

Apparently, this is a common problem.  If you have tried everything else… this maybe worth a shot.