Multiple power drops during rides

I should have come here when this started 2 weeks ago, but I thought it was on my side. Tonight while doing a hard group ride I had 2 drops, the second just spit me out the back. My cadence stays the same, but the watts drop for a second or two then starts back up. I had to drop a group ride because of this,so decided to do ToW stage 4. While riding that, I had 2 more drops and there were comments from other riders who were getting drops also. Is this a known issue , or do I need to reinstall zwift or what? Getting pissed!

Please post a rundown of your setup.

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What Paul said, plus:

There are plenty of opportunities for wireless drops that do not involve the Zwift software.

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I’m using a Cyclops Hammer through a Windows desktop. I have an extension for the ant+ pickup so that it is within 16 inches of the Hammer. I’ve been riding Zwift for well over a year and a half and this has not happened until a few weeks ago.

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I would try reinstalling Zwift, all of the important data (Level, XP, Drops and equipment) is saved on Zwift’s servers.

Also check to see if there are any Windows Updates.

Depending on the make of your PC also check with the manufacture website to see if there are any firmware updates. For example, if it’s an HP you can use HP Support Assistant to check for updates.

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The list below shows loads of things that can cause dropped signals. The interference is invisible. It could come from your neighbor’s home, from your kitchen, or from a new gadget in your house. My one experience so far with drop outs turned out to be the result of a new bluetooth headset. I solved it by not using the bluetooth headset while on Zwift.

Here’s a list of potential wireless signal interference sources:

  • Bluetooth headphones, speakers, or hearing aids
  • WiFi router (if possible, set the router to a fixed channel on the low end of the spectrum, like channel 3, to prevent potential conflicts between your computer/iOS and ANT+ devices)
  • Microwave ovens
  • Direct Satellite Services (the coaxial cables and connectors can cause interference)
  • Power sources (includes power lines or a breaker box in a wall)
  • Cordless telephones
  • Wireless video transmitters (e.g. Chromecast, AirPlay, etc.)
  • Wireless speakers
  • Certain external monitors and LCD displays
  • Any devices that use a cable to connect to a computer or power source
  • Unshielded cables (especially if they’re plugged in near your ANT+ dongle)
  • Anything else that transmits a wireless signal, from routers to baby monitor

5 days or so and after some adjustments, still getting at least 3 power drops an hour. My router is now directly connected to my desktop, the ant+ dongle is right beside my Hammer trainer. I eliminated the Bluetooth antenna that I was using for internet .Went over to Rouvy to look for firmware updates(none). Calibrated while I was there. My cadence and HR still work no problem All that is left really is uninstall and reinstall Zwift.
I read a few other threads where people are having the same power drop issue. Is there a known issue out there?

I too have just started to experience this in last 2 days, also had a mate who is experiencing the same thing.

Just a heads up-- if you are running Gamin connect on your computer it might be interfering with zwift. Garmin just did an update a little while back. Check your tray at the bottom.If on, quit it. I don’t know if this works—too late for me to go on zwift. Will try tomorrow. If anyone else can check this out, post up the results. Thanks

Found this idea on zwiftalizer

thanks , but using zwift companion android and using a Tacx and a polar watch with HRM

thanks Paul will try this idea as well

my cadence is garmin. thats all.

oh cool,. i used polar cadence and spped sensor , through swift companion… Just furstrating to b e riding and then get bumped out cause it isn;t picking up the spd

garmin connect is on my computer for my 520 on my road bike. I use the cadence pickup for zwift. All this started around the same time I did a garmin update

i dont think it’s r garmin update, as i have only been expriencing this in last 2 days, but as i read these forums, we aren’t alone.

I read a few people were having drops during stage 4. Deadpool was one guy I remember. I had three during that stage. After the 3rd I gave up

Mayne it;s something to do with Stage 4, as this is where I started to experience my isuues

started when i did stage 3. on or just before.

I have been zwifting for a month and a bit.
I started with a spinning bike with Wahoo HR monitor connected to laptop bluetooth, wahoo speed and cadence sensors connected to pc with ant+. I could not maintain more than 250 watts at around 110 rpm as there would be power dropouts.
I moved to dumb trainer and now I get power dropouts above maintained 350 watts.
I even disconnected HR and cadence and inly used speed sensor, but still drops above 350 watts consistant watts.
I can manage 800watt sprints for a few seconds but anything over 350 watts for longer than a minute and boom, drops.
Ramp test is also a waste because of the drop outs in and above the 360watt minute.
Any suggestions?

Tech, setup and things tried.
Giant Cyclotron Mag set on level 4 as specified.
Power USB with ant+ dongle less than 2 feet from speed sensor.
Plugged into USB 3.0 so should be 500ma.
Wifi on 5gHz not 2.4gHz.
Only laptop and fan powered devices in room. No cables except usb in close proximity to trainer.
Batteries recently replaced on all sensors except HR monitor.
No other programs running.
USB ports set to not be disabled by computer.
PC on high power setting.
Zero sweat damage.