Multiple power drops during rides

I know there are so many reasons for power drops, but I just solved mine, so I wanted to share for anyone else that my be searching. The answer is at the end, but first, i will mention all the things, I did. Some of the things may also make it more stable, but they weren’t the root cause.

First I have a trainer where the power cord can come loose. Power flickers can cause dropouts so I worked with the plug to make it a tighter fit. (in my case used a pin to expand the center plug carefully).

I also turned off wi-fi to make sure that wasn’t the issue, it wasn’t. Turned off fans, that wasn’t the issue although the fans are now further away. I repositioned my computer it is now permanently closer to the trainer… I would plug in and unplug my ANT+ dongle, and because that would often get it to reconnect, that was a bit of a false flag, because that also wasn’t the issue.

I got a USB extension cord, and frankly that may also be a help because the ANT+ usb dongle is more secure in the cord, and the dongle is now elevated and away from the computer, but it also wasn’t the root cause.

Finally I turned off my HR monitor…and problem solved. My HR monitor causes a conflict with my trainer! I had a watch, a Garmin Vivoactive HR that can broadcast it’s HR readings on ANT+. But it was totally causing power drops from the trainer!

I switched to a Wahoo Tickr, and now life is good.

Seems like its different for everyone, but thought I’d share my tale, for whomever it helps.