Multiple power drops during rides last 3-4 seconds then returns

Hi folks,

I hope someone can help. I have been going on with issue awhile now but starting to get frustrating as I power drops for 3-6 seconds multiple times during a ride which results in me eventually getting completely dropped! I am connected via bluetooth with Kickr snap to my MacBook Air with the iOS Zwift app. I have a wahoo ticker also connected. I do not have cadence connected. MAcbook air connected to wifi all are within less than a metre of each other.
My phone has ZC app on it for map purposes - is it better to use app for connection?
Any advice on how to solve this?


It could be that your Zwift set up is momentarily losing WiFi connection, how far and how many walls between where you’re riding and the router? You could try resetting your router also.

Are other riders disappearing when you lose power? Check out this article for some (pretty technical) discussion of Zwift and WiFi that could be useful either way:

Absolutely nothing else happens-no riders disappear. The power just drops to zero-people pass me out and then I sprint like ■■■■ to make up the 10 or so seconds Ive lost. Detrimental on a climb.
The router is right beside the bike and laptop. It’s a small studio I am in so all set up within a metre of each other.
I was thinking is it more likely a bluetooth issue since I can still see riders and the game still works or could it still be WiFi as you say.
I often play webinars simultaneously to the game and there is no problem with connection on them. The problem happens if I’ve nothing else on -ie. videos, music on bluetooth etc
I wear a Garmin Fenix and that links to power metre also-can a power metre only really link to one thing specifically? Power never drops on Garmin
Thanks for replying-any ideas guys please

Are you using 2.4 GHz wifi? Bluetooth uses the same frequency, and although they shouldn’t conflict it’s thought that sometimes they can do. If you are on 2.4 GHz, then can you maybe run on 5 GHz instead? Your router being so close makes me wonder about this.

This may be the cause of your dropouts, Wifi and ANT+ and Bluetooth don’t play nice.

do you use ANT+ for both, because connecting the powermeter with Bluetooth and ANT+ can cause issues. ANT+ to multiple devices is fine.

Without being completely non tech savvy- I read this online but I cannot figure out where to change these settings though from memory I think I entered 5gHz somewhere or perhaps I am mixing up 5G. Sorry medic- tech savvy poor!

I do not use ANT for either-just bluetooth. Is it better to use ANT?
Not really sure what it is tbh or if I could connect to laptop with ANT.
Again thanks and sorry for shameful tech knowledge

Bluetooth is one to one connection so don’t use your watch and Zwift. (Although I guess your watch connect using ANT+ except if it is a very new one)

You can use ANT+ on a laptop with a ANT+ dongle. Most people found that ANT+ is better than Bluetooth.