Large number of (Bluetooth?) drop outs in ride

I’ve been experiencing an issue this winter (where I did not have the same problem with the same hardware last year):

I am using Apple TV (Zwift app), iPhone XS Max (Companion app), Whaoo Kickr, Tickr, Cadence. All bluetooth, all latest version.

During a ride all bluetooth data stops. The companion app, and Zwift, shows blank values (not zero, but more “-” missing). This drop out can last for under a second, but can be up to over a minute.

Very frustrating when on a group ride and you have to try to chase back on!

Anyone else?

I was having BT issues too, I sorted it by using ANT+. Don’t know if that’s an option with your set up, PC and Android here.

I’ve had this problem as well, but only on really large group rides and primarily at the start. Only during the ride once or twice, but every time there’s been a really large group the connection cuts out during the roll out and I can never catch back up to the group. Very frustrating.
Anyone know of a fix other than going back to ANT+ dongle?

I have the same issue, I run the same setup i run zwift on my MacBook and it drops it least once per ride

Change WiFi channel to 1 or better shut 2.4GHz off completly and use only 5GHz, if it’s possible.
BT uses the same Frequency as Wifi 2.4GHz in mid-channel, I think 6-11 or sth.

Microwaves, fluorescent lights, other devices all can also interfere. Bluetooth is extremely unreliable for applications like Zwift.

I also have a lot of dropouts using BT. Using Mac, iPhone X, Wahoo Kickr. Bought an Ant+ dongle. Started a race. My rider turned right as the only one. Went straight into a new race. 3 dropouts and I quit that one too. Frustrating and it’s not possible to join events.

Sounds like you have some major interference going on with your Zwift setup, this article might help you out:

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