Bluetooth via app


how many bluetooth devices can you connect in the app and do you need the app on or can it just run in the background?

Why do you ask, what are you running on exactly, and what are you trying to do?

Anything on ANT+ but keep getting drop out so thing about move some to bluetooth

as long as you aren’t using Apple TV you will be fine

Since you’re experiencing dropouts, I recommend checking out the advice from @zwiftalizer on that topic. ANT+ is quite vulnerable to radio interference, and it has very short range, but there are things you can try to manage that.

He also has advice on selecting Bluetooth dongles, which you may need even if your device has native Bluetooth.

IMO anyone who is addicted to riding a trainer paired to any app should have more than one way to pair it since the dongles are so cheap.

@Paul_Southworth just check the zwiftalizer website and everything connect to companion app and no one drop out :slight_smile:

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