there are times zwift works perfect but after the last updatei get drops in today in 3 of them , when will you start doing something about this instead of increasing your price , im really getting pissed by these things 

also you get minus points in cvr and zwiftpower 

if i ride on tacx program i never have problems 


maybe get some advice over there 


still kind regards Patrick Wolf



Are you using ANT+ or BLE? If you are using ANT+ are you using a USB extension to get the dongle as close to the trainer as possible? My guess is something on your end is interfering with the signal and causing the drop outs.

Have you done troubleshooting on your end to make sure nothing is interfering with the signal?

ANT+: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/204186849-My-ANT-signal-is-dropping?section=201145295

BLE: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000111566-My-Bluetooth-signal-is-Dropping?section=201145295

You really can compare Zwift with the Tacx app since Zwift requires a LOT more data to work correctly.

In addition to Paul comment…

Zwift does have its ‘off-days’ when it’s difficult to spot where the issue is. Today Zwift suffered some strange ‘issues’ like jersey’s changing to default and avatar stopping to take in the scenery when my own system clearly shows I’m pushing plenty of watts and cadence. Coming down the Watopia mountain today my screen displayed the data from the Hilly Loop!

It is frustrating and hopefully Zwift are working on making the connection between servers more reliable.

Ride On!

Today Zwift Companion app(2.2.0(373)) on android(4.4.2) updated  and don’t usefull  for me again. Screen restart always, it is network issues. When BT-sensor paired it lost after few seconds(restart screen again). This problem began yesterday. Today I have new app and old problem. It showed 2200 zwifters online.


I come back after 1 hour ant try again and it worked fine. No difference in speedtest and network monitor on my PC. But Zwift Companion app(2.2.0(373)) now showed that near 1900 zwifters online.

 I thin I have drops when many zwifters online.