Cadence and Speed Problems

Just started using Zwift and I’m having trouble with speed and cadence sensors keep losing signal.
I’ve tried 3 different sensors ( 2 Tacx and 1 Garmin ) along with blue tooth and Ant+
Run Zwift on my MacBook Pro but same random drop outs have happened with all of the above.
Any ideas / fixes for this problem ?

Are you using a USB extension to get the dongle closer to the sensors?

Hi Paul. No the lap top is on the unit right in front of the bike. These drop outs have happened bot with bluetooth and with Ant + exactly the same. Should I try a extension ?

Extension could help.

This link could be helpful:

I switched from the Tacx sensor to my Garmin one using Ant+ hoping that would solve it but it was the same. Gone back to bluetooth and the Tacx one. If I got a extension I could switch back to Garmin and Ant+ no problem

My guess is some sort of interference since those use a very common frequency and using the extension probably would resolve the issue…

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