Issues with Device Pairing - Cadence going in and out

Everything is paired correctly when I begin to ride, but then the cadence is going in and out so my ride keeps stopping. It’s as Zwift isn’t getting a signal. Everything worked fine two days ago. Any ideas?

Sounds like ANT+ interference to me. If you aren’t already, try using a USB extension cable to bring the dongle right next to (or underneath) your sensors.

Otherwise you might want to check on the battery level of your sensor.

I found that my portable speakers were causing interference. Once I moved the speakers and long usb extension, no issues.

The battery level shouldn’t be an issue, the sensor is brand new. I will try moving the dongle closer. Thanks.

Thanks, Frank. I do have a portable speaker down there - Bluetooth enabled. I have been using it in the past with no problems, but who knows? It was just strange that everything worked fine up until the other day with all of the same things connected and same placements in the room. Frustrating. Will try today and see what happens and report back.

What type of USB receiver are you using?

I have the same problem with not only the cadence but all my devices in Zwift. Everything is working fine in Tacx Training Software but in in Zwift nothing seem to work.  it used to work for the last two months and nothing moved around my bike or computer. Tonight i was note able to train in Zwift; i gave up after trying for an hour.  All equipment are TACX and Garmin.