Problem with pairing/connecting cadence

Hi there! I’ve been using a trainer and Zwift app for about 6 months now and all have worked great…until last week. The power source and controllable both pair/connect with no problem, but the cadence won’t pair anymore. Without the cadence connected, the program doesn’t pick up my movement now. What’s weird though is that as I research this issue, various articles talk about a cadence sensor. I’ve never had a cadence sensor, but yet cadence has always paired/connected in the past. I hope this makes sense! Any guidance is much appreciated! Thank you!

Pairing your cadence sensor doesn’t have anything to do with moving your avatar, it only gives the rpm data.

So there’s something else going on there. It’s your power sensor/connection that provides the data to move your avatar.

Tell us more about your setup.

Hi Steve, I appreciate your response. I have a Tacx flux trainer and I use a MacBook and iPhone. Typically I log into Zwift on my laptop and watch the screen and then use the Zwift companion app on my phone if I need to adjust anything. I have double checked the connection and the trainer is connecting to both my computer and phone no problem via Bluetooth. I got it to pair a few minutes ago but it still wasn’t showing movement on my screen. Now I can’t get it to pair again. I also updated my firmware and recalibrated the bike no problem. I just can’t get the darn thing to connect again, and when I do, it doesn’t show my movement. What additional information might I provide that could help me troubleshoot? Many thanks!

I actually just followed the steps to delete my game preferences and everything seems to work fine now!

might want to purchase a USB extension cable and bluetooth/ANT+ dongle to connect ur trainer to Zwift, connection may drop out from time to time if laptop is >1m away from ur trainer.

weird that deleting game preferences seemed to magically fix the problem XD maybe ur trainer just needed to be disconnected and re-paired to Zwift etc.