Cadence incorrect on Zwift

Hey, I am using a tac x genius and my cadence is about half as quick as it should be. So the avatar is grinding whilst I’m spinning away. I have the roller connected to my Garmin watch too and that seems to be correct so it must be something to do with Zwift itself. This is only a recent problem after updating? Is anyone else having this issue?

The Tacx Genius doesn’t have any built-in cadence, does it? If not, what sort of cadence sensor are you using, and is it properly connected to Zwift?

It has cadence and power and I’ve been using it without issue for a couple of years. Only after starting it up again for the new indoor season has it been playing up. Everything else is working and all other metrics match and are showing correctly on my Garmin watch whilst training. Really odd :confused:

Are your devices Bluetooth? ANT+? If Bluetooth, you may need to disconnect everything from your Garmin watch and then reconnect everything to Zwift. It might be a good idea to unpair and re-pair everything to Zwift, anyway, just to see if that helps. And on what sort of device are you running Zwift? And, if using ANT+, are you using an extension cable from your device that allows the dongle to be close to your sensors?

As advised I started afresh and reconnected everything and the issue seems to be resolved :slight_smile: Thanks for the tips Nigel!

Running everything via Bluetooth yeah