Cadence Issue betwin my tacx Satori Smart and Zwift

I’m a new User of Zwift and I allreadty have some problems with the cadence detection.
I’m cycling on a taxc Satori Smart (last firmware), wich communicate with my Ipad pro IOS 12 in BTE.

Sometimes the cadence is ok, during maybe one or two minutes and then it drop to 0. My avatar still going forward, but legs don’t spinning… I guess it should be wierd to see for the other players :sweat_smile:!

Do you have any solutions about that ?

Regards, Kévin.

Using the Tacx Satori as a cadence sensor is just an estimate at best. If you want to keep track of your cadence you should install a dedicated cadence sensor. Wahoo makes Bluetooth sensors that will connect fine to the iOS device.

For reference I also use the Satori, but use a dedicated cadence sensor for a more accurate/stable reading.

thanks for your answer.
I’m fine with an aproximation of my cadence. But the thing is the value stays at 0 for sometimes 10 minutes.
The other thing is that every tacx app (training, cycling,) tells me my cadence correctly.
So i really think there is someting wrong beetwin the trainer and zwift.

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Could be some interference or even a low battery on the trainer, here is a troubleshooting link for you:

I don’t think there is any problems with my bte connection.
The power don’t shut down.
Only the cadence.
And I think the cadence is virtually calculated with the evolution of the power curve during pedaling.

Hello !
Does anybody else have an idea about my cadence detection problem ?

Have you checked the battery? Have you contacted Tacx support? Is the firmware up to date?

Again, if cadence is that much of a concern you should be using an external cadence sensor.

I have the same issue and I think it’s a common one that hasn’t been addressed by Zwift. The suggestion always made that the cadence estimate being transmitted isn’t accurate is not the answer we are seeking. The problem is, the Tacx Smart Trainers transmit a Cadence Bluetooth signal, it is detected by all other apps that I have tested it with, without drop-outs, but with Zwift App on iPad, I experience frustrating drop-outs to zero, and in ERG Training Mode that causes frustrating changes in power / resistance from the trainer. So it’s not so much about keeping track of cadence as it is just making the set-up work consistently the way it was meant to.

In my case I also use Zwift Companion on my iPhone 8. I have had the odd session where this doesn’t occur, but I can’t pin-point the combination that alleviates the problem. There are a lot of devices in our lives and area of training that are transmitting at 2.4 Ghz, it’s the new way of life.

I have put in a support request too, but it seems a common enough issue that Twift and or Tacx should be addressing it together.

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Thanks for sharing your experience Wayne.
I agree with everything you said.
I sent a message to tacx this afternoon.
I’m waiting for their answer. I’ll keep you informed.

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I have exactly the same problem. Did you get any intormation about how tobsolve this issue?

The cadence sensor and Zwift was working fine with my tacx Satori until recently and now suddenly doesn’t work or rarely provides cabdriver indication. I get perfect signal with the tacx utility app and so appears to be something in the connection to Zwift. I am using Apple TV with Bluetooth connection. I tried updating the firmware on my tacx without improvement. Is there any guidance on how to fix this issue?

I have the same issue. Works fine on Tacx app but not on Zwift. I will have to stop using zwift. It used to work fine about 2 months ago.