Tacx satori smart does not pick up rpm with Zwift

Hi I have been using my Tacx Satori smart trainer for over a year with Zwift with no problems. I have upgraded my phone to I phone 8+ and now for some reason Zwift will pick up my Rpm for a minute or so then it reads 0. The avatar is still cycling but the legs are not moving. I’ve calibrated the turbo and it works fine on the tacx app but not with Zwift.
Zwift is latest version and firmware on trainer is up to date. Can you help?

Hi Peter,

As I understand, the Tacx Satori Smart trainer is powered by two AA batteries. When’s the last time you changed those out? Try replacing the batteries and see if that helps.


The RPM via the Santori would be an estimate at best, if you want a more accurate measurement you should get a true cadence sensor like Wahoo Blue SC.

Hi Steven

Tried the batteries and checked on Tacx utility and they show up as fine.



I have the same problem. I already replaced battery but cadence works for few minutes and then stops. I will try again with replacing the battery tomorrow.

Same problem here. Is there a solition?

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Great to hear that there is more of us.
Battery replacement doesnt help.
It is really strange, tacx app works great measuring all data, but when connected to Zwift, cadence didnt work…like there is bad reception signal.
My workaround is currently by adding aditional bluetooth cadense sensor.

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Same oriblem. Works great on Tacx software and watts dropping to zero on Zwift. Worked fine for a few weeks and started now.
Running on PC with Windows 10 and ant+ stick

I have the same problem, with fresh Tacx batteries connecting to bluetooth. I’ve tried it on both windows 10 and android. It works for a few minutes before dropping out.

I will try ANT+ dongle on a USB cable in the hope to bring the receiver closer.

Hi guys, I have the same issue with Satori Smart trainer on firmware 0.5.4 … cadence data is not consistent on Zwift, anyone has any solution so far?

Wanted to chime in to say that I’m also having issue with this. My screen shows an RPM of 1 for 90-99% of my ride.

same issue here, I have the Satori with firmaware 0.5.4 (had 0.5.1 before) and the cadence is almost all the time stuck at 61, and changing to 1, 120 and sometimes 220 (that is kind of insane) randomly.

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Was there a solution to this problem?

I am having the same issue and have been in contact with Garmin who are advising I change battery’s again, update again and then try to ride again.

More than a year after this, same same here!

I had this problem, contacted Tacx who said it was a Zwift problem and Zwift who said it was a Tacx problem. It’s probably a Zwift problem since the cadence certainly reads out to Tacx software and stopped reading out to Zwift around an update point on Zwift. All that said, I gave up, and got a Wahoo cadence sensor instead. Works fine.