Tacx satori smart does not pick up rpm with Zwift

(Peter Galbraith) #1

Hi I have been using my Tacx Satori smart trainer for over a year with Zwift with no problems. I have upgraded my phone to I phone 8+ and now for some reason Zwift will pick up my Rpm for a minute or so then it reads 0. The avatar is still cycling but the legs are not moving. I’ve calibrated the turbo and it works fine on the tacx app but not with Zwift.
Zwift is latest version and firmware on trainer is up to date. Can you help?

(Steven D) #2

Hi Peter,

As I understand, the Tacx Satori Smart trainer is powered by two AA batteries. When’s the last time you changed those out? Try replacing the batteries and see if that helps.


(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #3

The RPM via the Santori would be an estimate at best, if you want a more accurate measurement you should get a true cadence sensor like Wahoo Blue SC.

(Peter Galbraith) #4

Hi Steven

Tried the batteries and checked on Tacx utility and they show up as fine.



(Primoz Knez) #5

I have the same problem. I already replaced battery but cadence works for few minutes and then stops. I will try again with replacing the battery tomorrow.