RPM wrong in Zwift app

Hi all,

I did some research on the forum, but unfortunately I can’t find the answer, so I have to start a new topic.

I’m riding Zwift on a Tacx Genius T2080. It all went well until today. It looks like the RPM is standard 60-70, but I’m doing like 85-90. When I speed up, it still won’t match and sticks on maximal 70. Sometimes it jumps for a second to 90 (the real rpm I guess).

In the Tacx app it’s all working fine, so it’s not the hardware.

Help! :frowning:


How are you connecting your cadence to Zwift? And via ANT+ or Bluetooth? It’s possible your cadence sensor might still be connected to the Tacx app, so Zwift is just showing you a ‘basic’ cadence.

It is all integrated in the smart trainer, so it should be connected. When I stop spinning, the rpm does slow down.

What is the rest of your setup? Are you connecting via ANT+ or Bluetooth? Have you checked the pairing screen to ensure that Zwift is connected to your cadence? (You should see the cadence change as you pedal while still in the pairing screen.)

I’m connecting via Bluetooth. Cadence is connected, it all looks fine to me. Tried in on my iPhone and iPad, both same problem

I don’t know how, but it’s fixed! Maybe the last Zwift update…
Case closed :slight_smile: