Tacx Satori, ANT+ and speed

(Claire Birkin) #1

I have a Satori Smart, ANT+ dongle and a macbook pro.


I can see the zwift ride registering my cadence and power correctly but my speed varies from 0kph (rider gets off) and 12kph, yet my tacx app is registering my speed as ~20kph.  The cadence and power are the same on zwift and tacx app just not speed.

Any one any ideas?

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Claire, 

The reason why is because Zwift takes in consideration many factors like riders weight, bike weight, gradient and potential drafting boost. 

Thank you for your question and RideOn! 

(Claire Birkin) #3

So I’m cycling at 20kph according to my tacx app but zwift says I’m not moving due to my weight, my bike weight, gradient and drafting boost??

Not sure I believe that

According to tacx app I was steady at around 20kph yet the zwift rider would be going at 2-5kph, then get off, then get up to around 7kph before getting off.  I was doing a flat course as well


Not sure I’m going to bother carrying on with zwift if that’s the case as its very demoralising to do 10+km according to tacx but only 2.5km according to zwift

(Paul Allen) #4

You might need to get your ANT+ sensor closer to the trainer using a USB extension.

I have a Tacx Satori Smart as well and I have a USB hub that I connect a USB extension to so I can put the ANT+ sensor right under the trainer. With this setup I have had NO issues what so ever.

Also when running Zwift you should make sure that the trainer is ONLY connect to your PC, make sure you have the Tacx app off when running Zwift. You could be getting some issues running them both at the same time.

(. TomH..) #5

In that case you are right Claire it’s not correct, there is a problem and we will do our best to get it sorted for you.

First of all - What model of Tacx Satori Smart do you have? 

(Claire Birkin) #6

2015 model, I’m away now for 2 weeks so will try any changes when I get home


(. TomH..) #7

Hi Claire, 

We need to know the model number is it the T2400 ? 

Thank you

(Claire Birkin) #8

No idea, I thought there was only 1 Satori smart, is there more than one? 

Its this one http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00MMPU5CO?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00

(. TomH..) #9

Hi Claire, 

Yes there are few models but since you have 2015 model you should have the T2400 (would be nice if you can confirm this when get back) 

Now - You are probably running the old non FE-C software on you trainer and that’s causing the problem, can you please download the Tacx Utiility app and update your software? (only available on iOS)  Also when you using Zwift make sure your trainer is only connected to Zwift and no other app. Let us know how it went. 

Thank you

(Claire Birkin) #10

Sorry for the delay in coming back to this, I have been out of action after an injury and surgery so today is the first day I have got back on my turbo.


I have tried downloading the firmware update but when I do it crashes and says not compatible (I can connect to my turbo via the app).  I am running the T2400

(Claire Birkin) #11