TACX Satori Smart and Zwift pairing

I am new to Zwift, still in trial and I am not sure what should I pick in the pairing screen of the Swift.


I have TACX Satori Smart T2400 model 2016 and a MacBookPro laptop, so I can use BT. I have a USB-ANT dongle that I can use instead, if it is better.


Also I have Garmin speed and Garmin cadence ANT sensors on my bike. And a dual UBS ANT Viiiiva hear rate.


I see that Zwift is showing me some TACX trainers but not Satori Smart, but this is because this is not a controllable trainer that I have. Or these are not controllable trainers (as Zwift indicate on which level of brake should each be set on). But then, then why my trainer is not on tat list? So what should I do? Should I choose simply Power Source?


In my setup do I need to connect the speed sensor or should I live Zwift to calculate my speed?


Many thanks.


You basically have it right, it’s not a controllable trainer, so don’t pair that part. But it does provide power so you do need to pair that. Leave the speed sensor part empty.

You can also pair a heart rate monitor and cadence if you like. Zwift calculates your speed from your power output - as it does for all trainers.

What about the brake level? Does it matter at what level is set on?

Set it to 1 and make sure you do a calibration using the Tacx app before using Zwift.

I couldn’t get my Satori to work over bluetooth to my laptop.  I’m going to try again tonight (I was attempting it without a bike on it).


Any tips on getting it to work? Do I need to pair it to my cellphone and then use the Zwift app to get the data to the laptop over wifi?


My ANT+ dongle doesn’t come until Thursday.

yes i have the same issue.

Is there any solution to be able to pair zwift to my new tacx satori smart trainer via bluetooth?


I have a Tacx Satori and I have never had an issue getting it connect via ANT+ or BLE. 

More info is need about your setup to better assist you, but I will throw out a couple of things:

  1. Replace the batteries

  2. Make sure you press the button to turn on the trainer (it’s on the left-hand side of the trainer)

  3. Make sure your device is as close as you can get it to the trainer to minimize interference

  4. Download the Tacx app on a phone/tablet and make sure the trainer firmware is updated.

  5. Use the Tacx app to see if it connects to the phone/tablet

  6. Last, but not least: Make sure the trainer is not connected to any other device or app, this includes your phone/tablet/Mac that you are running Zwift on. You can only make one connection using Bluetooth so if the trainer is connected to another device/app it will not connect to another.

  7. And you cannot connect the trainer to a PC using Bluetooth, you can only do that with Mac and iOS devices, you would need to bridge the Bluetooth signal using the Zwift Mobile app on a phone/tablet.