Tacx Satori Support

Can/will power curves for Tacx Satori trainers be implemented?

Yes, I’d be interested in this too. 
If not is there a trainer that has a similar power curve I can use?

Doesn’t this trainer have a manual adjustment? I would think a power curve would be impossible without the computer knowing the adjustment setting and with it set manually, how would that be possible?

It does have manual adjustment and in that sense is no different to the other basic Tacx trainers which are supported by Zwift such as the Blue Matic, Blue Motion, Blue Twist and Booster.

I’ve been using a Satori Smart, and it pairs as a power source. Have I been doing it wrong?

I’ve been using a Satori Smart, and it pairs as a power meter. Have I been doing it wrong?

Mine’s just a Satori (not a Satori Smart)


Doing a bit of homework, it seems the Tacx Blue Motion has a very similar, if not identical power curve and a visually identical resistance unit. I’m therefore using the Blue Motion profile, but would also like to request official support for the Tacx Satori trainer.

I set my Satori up using the Blue Motion setting.
Having replaced the Satori now with a Bushido I can see that power readings I got when I used the Satori were much higher.

Hi folks - I’m actually very close to buying a Tacx trainer… and was pretty much eyeballing the Satori Smart… but now I’m not so sure. Does Zwift not have the Satori Smart as a pairing option, and that’s why there are these posts about “faking” it as a Blue Motion or Blue Matic?

I’ve been fairly happy using a speed sensor on another dumb trainer, so just buying a blue motion or blue matic and continuing to use the speed sensor would be fine with me… and probably the route I’d go if there’s something weird about the Satori Smart set up.

Chris, our comments were about the previous Tacx Satori which wasn’t a smart trainer.

I can’t speak about the Satori Smart from personal experience but it should be okay to use with Zwift.

Since switching from a non smart trainer to a smart trainer I have found training much more enjoyable.

Thanks for the information Andy, that’s reassuring.

I guess the plain (non “smart”) Satori is gone now? It isn’t on the Tacx website anymore.

Thanks again.


Folks - how does the Satori Smart broadcast to your computer? Do I just need the ANT dongle I’ve used previously? Or do I maybe need a Blu tooth dongle of some kind?




According to the TACX info it’s Ant+


Hi everyone!

To clarify, the Tacx Satori Smart is a non-controllable trainer that broadcasts power and cadence data, with a manual resistance adjustment lever. In Zwift, it should be paired as a power device, and set at whatever level of resistance you feel comfortable with. Because it contains an actual power meter, it does not have a virtual power curve in Zwift. It broadcasts both ANT+ and Bluetooth, so to pair it in Zwift you will either need and ANT+ 2.0 dongle, or a bluetooth capable Android or iOS device running the Zwift Mobile Link app.

As far as the Tacx Satori Pro (the non-smart version), I’ve added it to our list of requested trainers here at Zwift HQ, but I have no insight into when it might be added into the game. We also do not recommend using power profiles from other trainers, even those of the same brand, as the curves can differ majorly from trainer to trainer, and as stated above, provide wildly inaccurate numbers.

I hope this helped! Ride on!


For any future “Satori Smart” window shoppers, I bought one recently and rode it for the first time today on Zwift. Worked great!

You don’t necessarily need the TacX app, though it is the preferred way to “calibrate” your trainer upon starting your ride. But… if you use the TacX App… then here’s what is happening:

a) the Satori broadcasts via ANT to the ANT dongle in your computer, and Zwift picks up your signal via ANT

b) simultaneously, the Satori is broadcasting via BluTooth to your cellphone and the TacX app is picking up the signal via BluTooth.

I was also wearing a Garmin heart-rate monitor, and Zwift picked up the signal from the Garmin H.R. Monitor fine, along with the Satori signal.

And… to be clear… as the Zwift website also mentions… the Satori broadcasts wattage and cadence to Zwift… but does NOT read the change in the terrain on Zwift and change resistances accordingly.

Do other Satori Smart users tend to adjust the resistance lever as you’re climbing a mountain in Zwift?

So far (couple weeks now)… probably because to calibrate, Tacx wants you to set the lever in position 1… I’ve then been doing my entire Zwift ride in position 1.

Since the new mountain route has opened I’m wondering if I should feel a bit guilty about this… and set the lever to position 4 when I’m climbing mountains.

is that what other folks do?

I am using a Tacx Satori Smart and I just keep the lever at position 1. I have been using workouts and these request a power level so it does not really seem to matter so much about the resistance. 

For the price and a newcomer to turbo trainers and Zwift I am pretty happy with it