Tacx Blue Matic (and other Tacx) power problems

After months of happy Zwifting my power went mad on Wednesday 17th March, shooting up to well over 1000W with very little input. My setup is a Tacx Blue Matic with Garmin sensors connected to a Win 10 PC with and ANT+ dongle. I tried the following to try and isolate / solve the problem:

Reinstall Zwift
Try a different machine (laptop)
Try a different account
Use a bluetooth speed sensor with an iPad

All gave the same problem. With all of these eliminated the only common component was the trainer itself, this would actually make sense as obviously the trainers resistance is used to calculate the power.

Upon trying the Tacx Blue Twist the power was much more accurate (although still probably slightly over), trying a few of the other Tacx trainers gave similar crazy power outputs. So, I’m back up and running if I select the Blue Twist, but has there been an update which has screwed the estimated power from Tacx trainers?

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