Power indication off the chart after app update

Following the recent update, power indication is through the roof. I’m just getting back into riding and I’m pretty sure I can’t get 1200watts output.
just turning the pedals at about 50-60 watts is showing stupid numbers 150-450 watts.

I have a Tacx Blue Matic trainer, which has a tacx speed and cadence sensor (tried connecting BL and Ant+) same thing.

I have ordered a new sensor, but don’t think it is that as speed and cadence show correctly on connection screen and power is fine on Tacx app.

anyone else have the same issue?

Don’t bother with a new sensor. There’s loads of others with the same issue. Power ratings on speed sensors seem to be broken after the update

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See the thread below:

  • Which computer OS are you using? Windows and Android
  • What trainer? Tacx BlueMatic
  • Is there a standalone speed sensor involved in your setup, and if so, which brand / model? Tacx came with BLuematic
  • Is there a standalone power meter? Which one? No
  • Are you using Bluetooth, or ANT+ signal to pair those signals? Tried both
  • Are you using the Companion to pair your signal, or the computer’s built-in Bluetooth capability? built in Bluetooth ant+ via a dongle


Please post in the referenced thread. That will make it easier for Zwift to find all the information in one place.