Max. power on Tacx bluematic with garmin speed and cadence sensor

Hello all,

I’m having a few issues with my setup as I can’t get my max power above 383 watts.

Before you tell me to pedal harder, I recently changed my chainring to a 58t to try and deal with this. My reasoning was that I was doing most of my riding in the lowest gear on the old 50-11t set up because the resistance on the bluematic is only set to 3 (as per the setup guide when I add the trainer to zwift). If I add more resistance to the trainer it’ll mess up my stats on zwift, so I figured the best solution would be to increase the ring size so that spin the wheel faster and so generate more power.

On the original set-up, I was hitting 383 watts at around 115 rpm cadence.

The new setup allows me to hit 383 watts at 100rpm, but if I increase my cadence up to 120 the power figure actually drops by 3-4 watts.

Is this just a limitation of riding on a dumb trainer with a speed sensor? is the sensor struggling to pick up the speed because the back wheel is spinning at 65-70kph at this point?

You are probably at the upper limit of the trainer power curve.

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Did you solve the issue?
Same happening to me with Tacx Matic and Garmin speed & Cadence sensors