Tacx Blue Matic L3 setting is very LOW

Could you add L4 or L5 or higher on Tacx Blue Matic.
LEVEL 3 is very LOW. At this level it is impossible to issue more than 390 watts

Yes I agree it would be good to offer other settings, I have the same problem at L3. Too low.

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Developers, hello ?

Just because they have not replied does not mean they have not read your issue.

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you have plans to add more settings, or need to buy anotrher trainer ?

I am new and I want to say this request is still relevant. I would like to subscribe but I am not happy with thar setup in trial. I can reach max. 300w. Please add other setting options. Big tolerances is not an issue for us. Thank you

Hi I am using a tacx blue matic, resistance on setting 3. Speed and cadence sensor too. I have done an FTP test 45 min and zwift gave me a FTP of 296.
My question is I can only get a max wattage of 350. I have ramped the speed up to 110 rpm but cant get more Watts.
Are dumb trainers capped at a certain wattage on Zwift?

If you have a look at the power curves for the Blue Matic, by calibrating it using setting 3 we’re never going to be able to generate more than 400w in Zwift.

Could Zwift allow an option to calibrate at setting 6/7? This would ensure we can hit higher watts in Zwift.



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The max wattage is limited to what the trainer can produce. The Tacx has a very low curve at setting 3.

Some of the unsupported trainers have a 400w limit.


Before buying another trainer, I’d consider getting a power meter, then zPower wouldn’t be necessary. Then you get power outdoors, as well.

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Hello. Do you guys have any update/news about this issue? I just start using Zwift with my Thriatlon team and everyone makes better time than me, even the old and weak members of the team. I am frustrated. Can you help me? How I can adjust my Tacx Blue Matic in coherent way to reality? Thank you in advance.

Hi there,

Some issue there. When it comes to big efforts at 65rpm I cannot hit more than 255W so if I need to, need to increase cadence way too much. We defintely need to be able to use at least L5 or L6 to be able to use Zwift in a proper manner.

Two years later and this is still a problem. Any plans on adding additional resistance levels?