Taxc blue matic - no watts

Hello - I am trying to get started with Zwift. I use a blue matic, have paired all sensors but when trying to ride no watts are shown on my Ipad. Do anyone know what the issue is?

Hey Peter, did you select your TacX Blue Matic trainer in Zwift or did you just pair as unlisted?

Iā€™m having this problem, is there any idea of a solution?

Iā€™m using Mac Pro with Tacx Blue Matic. I can see cadence, but there is no watt output, therefore my avatar does not move.

I read somewhere that you needed a trial to get moving, however I have bought a membership, and the problem still persists.


Hi @Annie_Elizabeth

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Do you have a speed sensor on the bike and did you test it with your cycling computer?

Do you see the speed change when pedaling in the paring screen?

This may also help.

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