Closest to elderly Tacx Satori Blue

Hey guys. When I am setting up on Zwift, it asks for my turbo type. I am currently using a decade old Tacx Satori Blue basic trainer but that isn’t listed. Which is closer - Tacx Bluematic or Bluemotion? Or doesn’t it actually matter?

It’s just a stop-gap until my Kickr Snap arrives in January.

Doesn’t matter too much then, the difference will be the power curve that Zwift assigns to the trainer models. They may be both wildly inaccurate?

For more info on power curves see this post.

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Thanks, Mike. That is really helpful. I have felt that it’s wildly inaccurate - there’s no way I could go up a 6% slope at 12mph in real life, for example. It was even more inaccurate when it thought I was a skinny wee bloke rather than a “well-rounded” woman, after Zwift for some reason wouldn’t let me set my gender as Female at the start.

You can also select “unsupported trainer”.
Just don’t race with an inaccurate trainer.