Tacx Smart trainers or basic with T2015

I would like to join the zwift communicity. My budget is €250.
I was looking into the Satori as it can measure my power output and transform it into the zwift app. However i dont see the device measure the cadence and speed (guess it has an T2015 sensor included? Can someone confirm this?)

However when i think about it: its just a basic trainer with a T2015 sensor.
Wouldn’t it be better for me to buy a T2600 (blue matic), which is 100 euro cheaper and spend that money on a T2015 sensor. Wouldnt this give me the same result?
Or am I seeing this wrong?

thx for the answers and help. Hope to join the community soon.

The Satori can measure cadence, but it’s flaky at best. I would recommend an external cadence sensor like Wahoo’s: https://www.wahoofitness.com/devices/bike-sensors

The Satori does broadcast power as well so there is no need for a speed sensor to get you moving within Zwift. Zwift uses the watts that is broadcast from the trainer, the weight and height you entered, in-game bike used, in-game drafting and virtual elevation changes to calculate your in-game speed.

I used a Satori for 1 year without issue (I moved to a 4iiii power meter so I could compare Zwift with IRL).

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