Tacx Satori (not smart)

Please would anyone have any advice for pairing my Tacx Satori (the older one and not the smart one).

I have bought an Ant+ dongle and connected Zwift through my Garmin speed and cadence sensor however it seems like my speed is wrong.

My Garmin says that i am going at 32k but Zwift says a lot less than that.

I would really appreciate any help! Many thanks


Hello Fraser.

This might not be an ‘issue’. While speed sensors and trainers measure speed based on your tire rotations, speed in Zwift is calculated based on watts, course incline, your weight, and other factors - such as whether you’re drafting. Because of these different factors, it’s not unusual for your speed in Zwift to differ from what you’re seeing on other equipment like bike computers. The numbers will rarely, if ever, match up.