Tacx Satori Smart T2400 (ANT +)

(SHAO-HUA Hsu) #1

Will my Tacx Satori Smart T2400 (ANT +) is set to how correct?  tanks

(SHAO-HUA Hsu) #2

Currently using GARMIN 510 and with speed and cadence sensor, heart rate belt.

(Paul Allen) #3

Not sure what you are asking, but a Tacx Satori Smart will work with Zwift. All you need is an Ant+ dongle on your computer (A USB hub and extension will improve connectivity) . I use the Satori Smart and I think it works great. 

To calibrate the trainer you will need to download the Tacx Utility App, pump up your tires to 100-110psi put the resistance  on the number 1 position and connect the trainer to the app. It will then tell you to pedal and get it spinning at 40kmh and then to stop pedaling. After it has spun down it will show you if you need to tighten or loosen the knob or it will be in the center and be calibrated and ready to ride.

(SHAO-HUA Hsu) #4

Thank you answer, I think I Tacx Satori Smart T2400 perhaps not corrected, the output power with speed value does not seem right, now I know how I made, thank you very much!

(Chris Tomasini) #5

Hey Paul - do you tend to use the handlebar resistance lever for the Satori Smart, to change the resistance based on the terrain in Zwift (I guess somewhat replicating what a fully interactive smart trainer would do)?

I’ve had a Satori Smart for a few weeks now, and have just been doing my entire ride in position one, and changing the gears on my bike. But, especially with the new mountain routes… I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about that… and wondering if other Satori users use the resistance lever very much during their rides.

(Paul Allen) #6

I keep it in position 1 for all my rides. I think to match a smart trainer all I need to do is shift my gears into a higher one while going up hill, basically doing the opposite of a smart trainer. I ride mostly the flats working on cadence, heart rate training and keeping my watts steady.  

(O 🇿🇦Qhubeka Foundation 🇵🇹) #7

Hello Paul,


I wondered if you could help me please?


I have this Tacx Satori Smart and I don’t know how I can use for making fun of the equipment.

When I ride, I feel like I’m trying to move a bicycle with 100 pounds.

The Tacx Satori Smart is paired with an ant + dongle, but inside the zwift the image shows is that not paired and also not recognize any speed sensor paired …

You also get that, or I do something to make it work correctly?


Thank you.