Is this Tacx Satori Zwift compatible

Hi guys, completely new to this world - looking at getting into zwift. Is this trainer compatible with zwift? What exactly would I need to get going? This item is $250 on gumtree is that a reasonable price (I live in country NSW Australia so limited options)

He @Ryan_Dale, welcome to Zwift
I would say not really. You will need a smart trainer to get the best from Zwift. Check out the excellent getting started guide on run by fellow Australian Eric Schlange.

Hi @Ryan_Dale welcome to Zwift forums.

We have a support hub with some very helpful articles on what you need to get started.

The list of supported trainers will be useful.

Thanks Richard,
As someone completely knew to cycling let alone zwift - would you suggest getting a smart trainer from the start? Or maybe a cheaper option and get the hang of it

Without a doubt get a smart trainer, having Zwift adjust the effort as you reach the hills is what does it for me. Also you can’t race without a smart trainer and heart monitor in a lot of cases, perhaps all.

What is the model number of that Satori?

I have a Tacx Satori and it broadcast watts, but it is blue in color.

Hi Richard after a bit of research I am about to order the following below? Does that look like a suitable start? Thanks to you and everyone for the help!

I can’t comment on the bike feel only you can know. The trainer will be fine but please add, if you are going to use a PC, an Ant+ USB mine is the one in the link from Tacx but you can get others. If you plan to control with something else say and another Zwifter would advise if you still should get the Ant+

The other issue you will face if you ride hard is the tyre will overheat see Taxc Trainer Tyre

Once it’s delivered all you will need then is a fan, plenty of water and strong legs :slight_smile: