Is a Tacx satori smart trainer accurate?

Hey guys Im setting up here tonight for my first ride, and was just tooling around looking at events and came up with a question.   I saw something about suspect results being able to be booted from an events results.  Something about zpower… which I searched but still not sure what that means.  I think it is a guesstimate measure of someones speed who doesn’t have a proper trainer but Im not certain.

I have a tacx satori smart trainer.  If set up properly ie no tire slippage will this give me an accurate representation of my pace in zwift?  

The Tacx Satori broadcast watts to Zwift, so it is not zpower. I have the same trainer and gives numbers that are fairly close to what my 4iiii power meter does, so I would say it somewhat accurate. Just an FYI, the high the watts the further it strayed from what the 4iiii (over reported watts). Watts at about 300 and under will be close. This is my experience with it. My FTP did not really change when I switched from the Satori to the 4iiii. 

I mainly do intervals that are 20 minutes long so I don’t have huge spikes (I do some 5 minutes intervals but not many). Training for triathlons, not bike races.

my satori shows +20% higher wattage compared to my power pedals.

get power pedals they are way more useful. and a cheap trainer.

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if you have you’re tire pressure at about 110psi and do a calibration before you ride it will be fairly accurate.