Output wattage seems too low

Hi all,

Im having quite some issues with getting Zwift to work (pairing the sensors etc) but when i get it to work, the amount of watt just feels way too low.

Just now i did the short FTP test, giving my absolute everything, getting an average of 96W and a max. Of about 140W. When cycling on the road i get about average 120W without trying even hard.

My setup is:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 for the companion app
  • Tacx Satori T1850
  • Wahoo speed and cadans sensor

I tried searching this forum, but couldnt find anything to solve the issue. Hopefully someone can!

Which Tacx Satori?

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Hi Paul, its a T1850.

Ok, what do you have the resistance set to?

What do you have your tire pressure at?

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Resistance right now at 1. Tire pressure will be around 8 bar.

OK, I think the resistance for that Satori needs to be set to level 4

The Satori Smart t2400 is set to level 1.

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Just out of curiousity, how does that makes a difference? The Tacx isnt a smart Tacx, so not connected to anything. Its just the Wahoo cadans and speed sensor. It has a manual resistance selector.

It makes a difference in the power curve.

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This could also help you: How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?

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Great, thanks so much Paul! I havent actually checked it just yet, but i definently will soon.

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Good afternoon, the same thing happens to me but using a Tacx Flux 2, my power ranges are much lower (around 30%), do you know what it can be? Thank you all

Hi @Albert_Valiente

Welcome to the forum.

With what do you compare your power numbers?


Hi, thanks for asking.
In real life I use PowerTap on the rear wheel and a Garmin Edge 520.
The power of the Tacx may not measure well or is it a calibration problem?
I have updated to the latest version, I have a good internet connection…
help me

Try calibrating using the tacx app.

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If I feel that the measurement is also below, it must be a problem with the Direct Drive Trainer, could it be a factory fault?

Anything is possible. IF you know someone with power pedals you can test it that way. and if it is off, you can contact the manufacturer.

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Good advice. I will try it

Hello Paul, i was able to test it out today and sadly enough it didn’t help putting the resistance to 4, i was barely able to get the wattage above 100. Is there anything else i can try?